Tuesday Tunes: ordinary person

John Legend – Ordinary People

This week men single tennis final match between Federer (#1) vs. his number one rival opponent, Nadal (#2), made up for the slow and boring Euro Cup final match between Germany and Spain last Sunday. It was the longest match, 5 sets – 4.5 hours [6-4, 6-4, 6-7 (5), 6-7 (8), 9-7], in Wimbledon history and the best match I ever watched. Even though Federer couldn’t continue his winning streak but that was the greatest come back from his end after losing the first 2 sets. That was a very even match – the kind of match that keeps your eyes glue to the TV. I had my IM up during the match and this is what my friends got to say:

Teresa from the Greater Bay Area

drnguyen23: yeah~ it was SO good

drnguyen23: i actually wanted Federer to continue his streak but it was a great match

Thao from Zurich, Switzerland

thaonow: Whoa Nadal won

thaonow: Did you see it all?

me: the last 3 sets only

thaonow: well that was what counted

Harrison from the East Bay Hillside

Harrison: don’t know when they will resume

me: i think they are back now

Harrison: really? damn I’m going back upstairs

Harrison: wow one of the best matches ever

A bit later on the day, I tuned in to see beach volleyball because I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to see two great players, Kerri Walsh and Misty May, kicking ass. However, watching their games was not fun anymore…the game ended too fast and the scoring from the other team was nothing. It seems like there’s no competition out there for them. I’d be very very surprised if they don’t take home the gold in Beijing.

How can I stand watching sport without playing it? My friend and I managed to play a tennis game in the heat of an afternoon but we couldn’t last that long, and the game was ended in my friend favor.

Well, after all I am just an ordinary person. I watch TV like hundred and million people out there. I cheer for my favorite team and boo when the opponent scores. I didn’t win the game because I still have a lot to improve and because I made mistakes along the way. However, I am trying really hard to learn from those mistakes because ordinary people make mistakes – costly mistakes. Who doesn’t? I am certain there will be a rematch, a second chance and a redemption so be patient and give time the time. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with ordinary people.



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