Tuesday Tunes: a few things about singing

We actually went to “The Boat” reading session by the author, Nam Le, whose book was on the “Nine first books that make a lasting impression” on NPR. Due to some technical difficulty related to automobile, we didn’t get there in time for the reading, yet made it for the Q&A session. Out of our curiosity and many good reviews here and there, we picked up a copy and had him signed it and that would be my summer reading. Before you run off and purchase a copy, read the first couple of chapters here.

On the same day during lunch time at a Viet restaurant in San Jose I accidently ran into a long lost friend, and if I remember correctly, last time we hung out was 5+ years ago. A little introduction here and there lead us to find out that we were going to the same karaoke/book signing party later on the day at The Mint in San Francisco…>> (fast forward)…By popular demand I signed up to sing one song and before I was able to perform such an adventurous task, I finished 2 glasses of beer to boost my confidence level up by at least 5x. When it was my turn, the bar was really packed with the after gay pride parade goers and at the moment, I realized that what I liked and signed to sing wasn’t something that the audience wanted to hear but I did follow through and finished my piece. Smooth jazzy (“I love you for sentimental reasons” by Nat King Cole) and pop/rock just didn’t go well together. That was something to make a note for myself if there’s a karaoke party next time. Just hope it won’t be so soon.

Gavin Rossdale – Love Remains The Same



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