Lunch and learned

It is a little hard for me to pass on watching soccer games especially when it comes to Euro Cup and World Cup. This week and past I have been watching almost every game during lunch time at a pizza parlor nearby. Even worst, I skipped out on my bike rides. Well my excuse was that the air quality isn’t good due to summer fires around the Bay here. I am not any where near being a hardcore soccer fan like my brothers who would stay up late or wake up early in the morning during tournaments like this. I watch soccer once every two years during the final stretch, and it lasts about 2 weeks. Well, more than American mainstream sports, which I don’t have much interest in. Over the last 2 weeks I came to realize that I can definitely gain weight by watching more sport. Gaining about 5 more pounds has been my number desire for the past 7 plus years – even friends and family think so too. During regular time games I chowed down 2 slices of pizza, 3 sodas and a small bowl of salad. If the games somehow went overtime or into penalty kicks, I got a scoop of ice cream and more more sodas. My teeth are now aching from the over dosage of CO2. On the upside, I have made a lot of pseudo friends and same faces showed up the next day to watch the games with me.

With one game left to go on Sunday, I’ll weight in to see how many pound I have gained and how many teeth are rotten. Usually any sport fan would have their favorite team except for me. Personally I would pick Germany over Spain because I have friends and family live in Germany. I like their beers. Statistically speaking, I think Spain have a better chance of winning. They have not lost a single game in this tournament. They slaughtered the Russians during semifinal match with 3-0 to go into the final. The Germans, on the other hand, have lost once to the Croatians and were on the verge of losing to the Turks during semifinal but they came back at the very last minute. Historically, Germans had won 3 Euro Cups in 1972, 1980 and 1996 while Spain got only one in 1964. To sum everything up, it will be a great game to watch!



One thought on “Lunch and learned

  1. Window Tint says:

    I used to hate soccer. Even when I played on the school team in middle school, I thought of soccer as a B-list sport; however, watching the games the last week, I am a convert.

    It is a different sort of excitement than basketball and football, a more subtle feeling to the ebb and flow of the soccer game vs American sports.

    BTW… beautiful photos of the kid in Hakone? He looks like a babe in the woods. My favorite is the one where he is covering his face, that one reaches a different level for me.

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