Training, day 1

I sacrifice 2 volleyball days out of the week during lunch time for “triathlon” training with my coworker. Well, except for the swimming part because we don’t have a pool here at work.

The plan:

  • 6 miles bike (2 loops – see attached route – don’t you love the internet???)
  • 2.5 miles run
  • 6 miles bike (2 loops)
  • 1 mile run
  • Completion time: back in time for 1.30pm meeting

The execution:

  • 6 miles bike = √
  • 2.5 miles run = √
  • 6 miles bike = √
  • 1 mile run = X (on my part only … I ran out of juice)
  • Completion time: 1h15min and late for the meeting

The most challenging part of all this is the transition between each activity. I couldn’t lift my ankle up to run for at least 1/4 mile, more like .5 mile, before everything loosen up. Going against the wind on Fremont was really tough. I slowed down significantly.

Nearly after one year when I was hit by a car, I still have this very weird feeling everytime I approach an intersection, exiting to the main street…just can’t focus 100% to do what I suppose to do. I am definitely more cautious now. I guess this is my first step to overcome my fear, and I am doing just fine!



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