I found this deep deep entry from one of my reader:

“Yeah. Blogging. You know…the one where you look for your affirmation (how many times do you check your stats?)…the one you look for your encouragement (you sure do like those comments)…the one you think about pleasing (you’re always thinking of new things to satisfy your audience)…the one you always go to with your deep heart issues (why don’t you tell me?)…the one you spend all of your time with (what else do you do in your spare time?)”

Yesterday, Asyst CEO started blogging…wow. He’s probably the second blogger in this company beside me (??? any other takers ???). Do you know what the main purpose is? “effective communication” is the key. What did I say when I first started blogging? – communication. How come I didn’t think about inviting him to WordPress last October? That could result in a BIG promotion. One small step for a CEO, just wondered how long did it take him to recognize it.



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