Tuesday Tunes: I lost myself today – again

Sleepy, lack of energy and blurred vision – What a great way to start my work week! My friend and I are going to see James Blunt concert at the Mountain Winery – would you like to join us?  I’ve been telling myself that I am not going to make the same mistake again … I don’t want to relive my past … Don’t ask me what I want … Just tell me how you feel … Just save me from making the same old mistake.

James Blunt – Same Mistake Again

“… Give me reason, but don’t give me choice,
Cuz I’ll just make the same mistake again,

And maybe someday we will meet
And maybe talk and not just speak

And once again, I cannot sleep…”



One thought on “Tuesday Tunes: I lost myself today – again

  1. K says:

    OMG..I LOVE James Blunt! I did not know that he’s in town! Only I knew earlier, I would join you! Have fun tonight while I listen to ‘you’re beautiful’ on my ipod. 🙂

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