Just another novel

I picked up Dan Brown’s book Digital Fortress because it was given to me with good reviews and due to curiosity about Dan Brown’s writing. To some he’s a good writer for his work of The Da Vinci Code. During my long trip to Tahoe years ago, I was surprised how a friend of mine truly believed in all that hypothetical evidences about Jesus. Didn’t you know it’s just another novel? I didn’t read the book due to religion obligation. Digital Fortress didn’t leave any first impression on me. It should be the kind of story that caught my attention – code breaking, government work, counter terrorist…etc. However, the way he describes the characters at the beginning was completely different than how they supposed to handle issues and crisis. There are lot of actions with little substance.

I am going back to documentary books. Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life exhibition is showing at Legion of Honor ’til May 25th. Go see it!



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