Time for a new car?

What a bad weekend overall. My car broke down unexpectedly. There was no sign of wear and tear. I change oil every 3k…what could be wrong??? Good thing that it happened on a local street instead of the freeway. My only guess was that the timing belt but I only had 70K on it since my last replacement … oh well, when it rains it pours. It wasn’t a loose wire or anything simple that I could just fix right there and then so I called the tow truck. The first guy took forever to show up and he said he would call before he leaves, even that didn’t happened. I then called another guy who seemed to be more legitimate. Guess what, the first guy called up and said he was around the corner but I told him I didn’t care for his service anymore. He went on and demanded $20 for his drive but I just hung up. Well, I already had a bad day so bring it on, come and get your $20. What an @$$ #0!%.

Last time I was in a situation like this was many years ago. As I was sitting at a nearby cafe sipping my chai latte I thought about this one particular winter during my last year of undergrad. I was working on my Senior Project. Believe it or not, we tried to develop a new real time active suspension system for cars/trucks. We put together this Studebaker truck from the ground up. Well, during my drive from work to school, I saw smoke coming out from under the hood right after I exited. I didn’t bother to stop because I had an exam that day, and by the time I parked the car, the engine died – there was crack in the radiator. I called the tow truck to haul it home of course. The next morning, I woke up at 7am to change out the radiator so I could drive to work for my 10am customer meeting. It was so cold that my fingers were numbed, I couldn’t feel a thing. I learned so much about fixing car then but at the same time I swore that I would never get under the car again – not even to change oil. I just don’t have any passion for car.

It’s so difficult and inconvenience for not having a car, especially living in the suburb. Fortunately I have a few good friends I can always turn to. After all that bad drama, my Sunday ended on a good note 😉



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