Fooding: Thai food at the temples

It could have been a perfect Sunday if it wasn’t a bit too windy. I decided to join my friends in Fremont at the Wat Buddhanusorn for lunch for the first time. I heard they make good homey Thai food there. I have been to Wat Mongkolratanaram in Berkeley and really liked the food there, however, the parking and seating situation were a bit tough. The pad Thai in Fremont was really yummy (for $5). They only have one cook so the wait is usually 20-30 mins. It would be the first thing you want to place an order and munch on something else while waiting. The papaya salad was not good today because of a new hand was making it. Mango sticky rice was yummyyy – sweet and crunchy mango, and the good thing is that there was more mango than sticky rice. If you’re adventurous enough, they also have durian sticky rice (seasonal).

On this same day, I found my love at first sight. Actually two. They are almost perfect.  I am not sure which one to pick. I am confused, nervous and not sure if I am ready for it. Or should I wait just a bit longer? Timing is everything.



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