Tuesday Tunes: Stay

I was only 9 when I heard this song on TV in Vietnam, and sometimes the song resonates in my head when I think of good movies and musics. I made a stop at Virgin records in New Orleans during my trip to visit my sister in Louisiana and also during my Europe backpacking trip but people had no clue what I was trying to look for. I was too young to remember the title of the movie/show, plus I just started to learn English at the time. That was the last time I bothered to ask anyone at the record store. Well, guess what I found on the internet over the weekend?. After 20 years, I got to hear one of my childhood’ favorite. What lost have been found. Sometimes giving up is just not the right answer.

Bonnie Bianco – Stay (fr. the Cinderella 80)

You are my life.
You are my only one desire!
You’re the air that I breathe tonight…
Won’t you stay here beside me? Stay!

When I see you there’s a glow from the stars above.
Guess they know that I’m so in love…
Yes, I’ll stay here beside you, stay…

Day after day feeling low in the evening sun,
till you came and you were the one. Now I’ll stay here beside you, stay…

Well remembered dreams of a foolish parade.
Didn’t need to persuade you…
Hungry for a smile…
In the morning moonlight that’ll be alright with you -take my hand.

All I can do is to dream of you all day through.
Close my eyes- all I see is you.
Yes, I’ll stay here beside you stay.

Stay by my side!
You’re the air that I breathe tonight…
All I want is to hold you tight!
Yes, I’ll stay here beside you, stay forever…
Here we’ll stay tonight, here we’ll stay…



3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes: Stay

  1. Gonzalo says:

    Hi, I am a big fan mysef of this movie; it brings back so many memories. Please let me know if you have found the movie in english or with english subtitles.

    It is amazing how some small details like a song can totally transport you to a different time and place.


  2. Mindy says:

    I am also a big and crazy fan of the movie Cindy 80 which I watched in VN. Yes, I’ve been looking for this movie in English or Enlish subtitles too. I found that in Germany only.

  3. may says:

    hey, i watched this movie in Vietnam too when i was 10 and since then the song just stays forever in my mind. i can also sing this song.
    that time i was so little that i didnt even know if it’s in english language or another, it was just a strange language to me. But i love the film, i love the song, i love the couple….
    Is it Germany movie?
    I dont know where i can buy this movie with english or english subtittle?
    I looove this and so i looooove anyone that loves it!
    How can i contact you, ducle?

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