Yoga and meditation

For the last couple of years, I’ve cut down sports’ funding tremendously to spend it on other important areas. Snowboarding is one the majoring reduction, from 20+ per season down to 5 or less nowadays and play tennis instead – cheap and a whole lot of workout. When it comes to spiritual and inner workout, I turned to Yoga. I try to go once a week at 24-hour fitness since “I” am a member there. However, I just have so many problems with doing Yoga there. The crowd is way way too big. You can clearly smell foot odor from the person next to you. If you accidentally look up to the person in front of you in a down dog position, you can see her boobs hanging low. There is not much of an insulation between the studio and the outside gym and it bothers me when I can hear my own people speaking “french” outside. Even worst when you see a bunch of half naked man gathering around the front door and looking in, fingers pointing and commenting. Since I am on budget, I can not afford to return to the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment, but it was quite an experience there. I definitely felt more relax and open afterward. After yoga at 24-hour, I felt like crap. I’d rather practice at home.



One thought on “Yoga and meditation

  1. sirenn9 says:

    hahaha… wow.. your description is hilarious! I have never tried yoga before, but after reading this I know definitely to not try it out for the first time at 24-hr Fitness. 🙂

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