Surf’s up

Last year was a disappointment for a lot of wave riders. However, Mavericks is back this year. The timing could not be more perfect – great water temperature, good visibility, the waves could not get any meaner and bigger, 20-40 foot. There was no way I could not pass on this once a year biggest surfing event in Northern California. I tried to leave early for the opening ceremony but couldn’t drag myself out of bed at 7a.m. on Saturday morning, but I left early enough to avoid traffic and be able to park just along Highway 1. I caught a few morning waves (of course not at the Mavericks spot, there is no way I can hang with the big riders) then joined the big action at around 9-ish. There were just a lot of people on a tiny beach, even more people than 2006. It was definitely difficult to see the event from the shore. My 300mm zoom lens was not long to enough to capture anything great. At around noon when the tide got higher, we had to move even further back. Despite the difficulty and limited viewing, it was absolutely worth spending the time out there to see the real bone yard, tubing action and wipe-out. Came in first this year was Greg Long from San Clemente!

Photos: Duc Le




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