My people

“My people” love to protest. Sometimes if they do not like something about you, they will tag you as a communist and there goes the protest. They protest on thing as small as picking out a name for the one-mile strip on Story and McLaughlin and wanting to recall Madison Nguyen from the city council. Is it a big deal whether it is called Little Saigon or Saigon Business District? They should be happy that the word “Saigon” is being used and whether it is little or big…who cares. Only the name can not represent Vietnam but its people as well. I am so sick of hearing all these protest on the news, sick of people still living in their past and hanging on their long gone government. A government that was no better than the current one. Just as corrupted and rotten as the current. Maybe people should focus on cleaning up prostitution, corruption and economy. Stop making nonsense scene on the street! Go home mow your lawn and keep your house clean. Pay more attention to your family – be involved with your kids’ life. You love your government but does it love you back?



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