7-day of Christmas

I’ve never lived in Texas and only visited 2 times prior this trip. I don’t have any friend there so most of the time I stay in and play with my nephews and nieces. A different type of travel for me.

day 1
My luggage did not make it to final destination due to a short 45 minutes connecting flight. I spent about an hour on the phone with engineers in Singapore to resolve some work issues for revenue recognition. I hate Sprint PCS network for several reasons. It does not work at several locations – weak signal, cheap phones, drop calls.

day 2
Woke up and brunch was ready on the table for me…what a great way to start my day. I fixed my nephew’s computer and installed pop-up blocker…having kids online is not so safe nowadays. At around 10pm we got to open the Wii at last. It was relatively easy to setup and got right in playing.

day 3
It was about 45F but the wind at 30 mph wind made it felt like ~20F, and I was outside hiking and taking photos. I just felt like going for a jog and getting some fresh air. We got back in the Wii game after dinner. I was a bit better today with the remote and nunchuck. I still could not tell whether I really like the Wii or not.

day 4
Wiiathon day, we played every single game even the big game academy right after lunch ’til dinner time. My right arm was sore. After dinner, I convinced my nephews, 12 (Matthew) and 7 (John) years old, that blogging is fun and they should start writing/documenting their thoughts. For now all they have to do is post their writings/journals from school onto their blogs – I thought it is fair for their age.

day 5
Christmas Eve and it is time to open presents. It was more for the kids.

day 6
Merry Christmas. We had deep fried turkey and goat stew for dinner. Deep fried turkey was not greasy as I thought it would be. I kinda liked it but probably won’t have it again.

day 7
A short day trip to Turner Falls in Oklahoma. I went because I heard so many great things about the place (mainly through my relatives) but I kept my expectation low so I won’t be disappointed. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

It was great to see all you little ones grow up so fast, so tall and so smart. ‘Til next Christmas (don’t know when that will be), y’all take care.

photos from Texas

p.s. Wii is just another video game for me…I won’t see myself playing that ever again. I got bored after my 3rd day. Nothing is like real sports, real sweats and the real technicality of putting the tennis ball where you wanted. Get out sometimes people.


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