I am not a huge fan of video or computer games just because I didn’t get to play when I was a kid. It was forbidden in my family. In this stage of my life, playing video game is out of the question. However, every now and then when I go to Texas to visit my family for Xmas, all I do is playing video games with my nephews and nieces. These kids are spoiled, they have both Xbox and PS2 but guess what, this year I will add the Wii to their collection. This is my view about video game, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with playing video games as long as it doesn’t chew up into other chores. It’s definitely better than watching TV, at least the brain is working to solve something. Since I didn’t have the previlige to play, I really don’t want my nephews and nieces grow up like their uncle…video games retarded.

Back to the Wii thing, man, it’s sold out almost everywhere you look. People, please stop buying and resale them on Craigslist…what the hell is wrong with you people. We’re not living some 3rd world countries…are you that desperate for some cash? It’s a freaking holidays season, let other people enjoy it too.

So far the best deal is at Costco, and my friend is looking out for me when the shipment is coming in. Keep my fingers cross.


2 thoughts on “Wii

  1. Slinger says:

    I have never played Wii, but my friends kids love it. And everwhere I go I see signs saying that it is SOLD OUT.


    I found you via the NEXT BLOG button while surfing.

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