It costs to be a sport fan

This past weekend I was at the Sharks tank (Sharks vs. Kings) with a friend of mine, and we had a little discussion about being a sport fan. The topic came up because we were sitting in a $101 seat, 6 rows from the ice ring. Imaging going to 10 games, that would cost about $1G to see your home team losses. I don’t understand the concept of being a big fan and loyal to a specific team and sometimes they just suck so bad or have no loyalty back to you. As much as I love sports, I just can not stand watching it, especially on TV. I hardly watch any sports on TV, maybe a little during final games. On the other hand, I don’t mind going to the stadium, only under three conditions: free tickets, must be good seats and good company. I’d rather go out and play. Why watch while you can play and shave off a few pounds so I don’t have to hear your complains about being over weight. As for entertainment purpose, I’ve seen people got angry and frustrated after the game. Take the Raiders in Oakland for example, it happened a few times when the Raiders lost, their fans went crazy and vandalized the city. Ironically, most games, if not all, I have been to, the home teams always loss. I think I should get paid for not going…or vice versa.


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