Holidays are just around the corner. Are you looking for gift ideas? If you’re a hand watch lover, here are a couples for you. Launched in St. Tropez, France in 1997, Technomarine watches are an expression of both style and adventurous. Technomarine started a new luxurious hand watch revolutionary with a chronograph on transparent plastic band, “Raft”, with 50,000 were sold during first year. Their watches are made of high quality Swiss engine with a bit of new technology added. Technomarine’s designs are for a wide range of personalities and occasions. A diverse celebrity personalities such as Madonna, Barbara Streisand and Arnold Schwartzenegger are Technomarine’s fan. Visit for more information.

technomarine-1-a.jpg photographs by Duc Le

Swiss ETA G10.711 engine
Sapphire crystal
Hour, minute, second, chronograph 1/10, date
High-tech ceramic band and case with 316L stainless steel bezel
Definitely not the same type of ceramic from tupperware or saucers in the kitchen, this is an industrial high strength ceramic formulated by 2 different types of metal powders undergo high temperatures and pressures. In addition, the sapphire crystal provides maximum scratch resistance. The case design hugs the wrist just right and very comfortable to wear all day. The specification and look may be deceived, yet it’s light weight.
Available in 3 styles/color models
MSRP $2,150

ceramique-1-a.jpg photographs by Duc Le

Swiss Ronda Startech 5020B engine
Mineral crystal
Hour, minute, second, chronograph
Rubberized leather band and 316L stainless steel black PVD case
With the rubberized leather band the US Navy may look a bit mature at first but with the large green Arabic numerals and dials put the watch back in its stylish category. The case is more for larger wrist, and can be a little uncomfortable for smaller wrist. Mineral crystal does provide some level of scratch resistance but definitely not as strong as sapphire.
Available in 4 styles/color models
MSRP $725

us-navy-2-a.jpg us-navy-1-a.jpg photographs by Duc Le


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