Loss of focus

8 months after I purchased my Nikon D80, the auto focus quit on me. Well, it worked on and off but majority of the time it was not working. The problem was not in the lenses because I’ve tested with 10 different lenses under the same lighting condition – it must be the AF sensor. I went on and ignored the problem and actually focused everything manually. I thought that was a great opportunity to train myself to manually focus so I don’t have to rely on AF too much. However, it’s always nice to have the camera restored back to normal working condition. Since the camera is still under 1-year manufacture warranty, all the repair cost was free. Here’s the description:

1. Replace AF unit, shutter mechanism
2. Adjust AF operation
3. Firmware upgrade
4. Clean CCD
5. General check and clean
6. Checked: sequence operation, focus tracking, focus lock, sharpness

Apparently, both AF unit and shutter mechanism were not working properly. Nevertheless, I just got the camera back today and very please with the repair they’ve done after a few shots. I like the fact that they have checked for other problems and cleaned the camera in addition to my only request. Their 24/7 customer service has met my expectation.

On a separate note, I went to Kamera Korner and San Jose Camera for a cost estimate on this service prior to sending the camera in and this is what I got from them. No matter what the problem is, they flat charge you $30. In most cases, if not all, they send the camera back to the manufacture for repair and mark up the price. My point is, if you can deal directly with the manufacture, I suggest you do to so. The cost of shipping one way to Nikon was only $5.50 via USPS and my estimate repair was about $200 (from Nikon).


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