The work place: dos and don'ts

At least eight out of 24 hours a day we spend at work. We eat, play and share the hardship and complexity of all the things we do together. The last thing you wanted to do is to upset others around you. If 90% of your coworkers don’t like you that means you have real issues. Don’t be an butt kisser and called someone “genius” only after 5 days at your new company. Don’t try to show off and take advantage of the situation as in “I told you so”. You must be a real jerk or stupid if you say “I don’t know anything about it” when you’re clearly in charge of the work you do. When it comes to crunch time and everyone in the building including the CTO is crawling on the floor to make things work, at the very least roll up your sleeves and offer some help or take care of your own portion of the project and stop asking others to do the works for you – show some initiatives and take charge of the situation. As far as social and hallway conversations go, don’t be a pervert and back stabbing. Once you’re married, that was it. The window of opportunity shuts down on you so don’t talk about how hot and slutty your neighbor is in his orher Halloween costume. Do you want to know what your coworkers think about that? Mentally masturbate at work is what they think you’re doing…how sick can that be. Now you understand why your coworkers don’t invite you out for happy hour on Friday night or even include you in meetings. Once everyone lost faith in you…you’re completely out of the circle of trust. Adjust yourself and be who you are.


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