Running was the last thing I wanted to do while in high school, especially when running right after lunch with a full stomach. As a matter of fact, I hated running, and I hated PE in general. If I could find an excuse to skip PE, I would. I couldn’t stand to go to the next class all sweaty and smelly. Well, ten years later I started to enjoy running. Whether I run by myself or with a running partner, I just really enjoy it. It doesn’t really matter how late in the day or how cold the weather gets. I even run when I go back home in Texas on a vacation. Sometimes it takes a grown up to realize and appreciate what things are really meant, and sometimes it takes a loss in life. Many of you run to stay in shape, to prove that you can do a marathon just like anyone else, to be the first cross the finish line. I don’t have much passion for those, my goals are simple: I run to make myself feel relax at the end of day, I run to clear my head and to help me think deeper. Most importantly, I run to appreciate.

Snow Patrol – Run


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