+2 cents

I just can’t remember the last time I mailed a letter out since I pay all my bills online and communicate with others via emails or phone.  I figured that’s just another way of being eco-friendly and saving as much paper as I can.  I transfer documents electronically at work if  possible or print PDF in some cases.  Unfortunately some bills just can’t be paid online. My business tax renewal form didn’t get delivered  for 2 cents short.  I didn’t realize that the cost of mailing a first class letter is now $0.41.  The new rate actually was in effect as of May of this year.  If you don’t want to deal with this type of hassle, the “forever” stamp is a way to go.  It will work in the future regardless of the rate changes.  That’s something I’d do.  Folks, holidays are just around the corner…it’s $0.41 now.


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