Ringer in the rain

Fall is officially here and when it rains it pours. I always love the rain. I like to wake up and smell the freshness of it. When I was much younger, I really like the sound came from the tin roof when the rain came down really hard. And since we couldn’t go the market for grocery, my family tradition was eating peanuts, some sort of steam vegetables and rice for lunch and/or dinner. They were the simplest meals yet have created a deep memory within me. As I get older the rain gives me more reasons to stay in to catch up on my reading or some old movies that I never had a chance to watch. Furthermore, in the Bay Area, the rain brings hope for a great snow season for skiers and boarders; that would also include me.

Today my company had our end of summer picnic at a park in Milpitas, CA. The odd thing was that we didn’t even have our summer picnic so I wondered why we cared so much to have an end of summer picnic. It wasn’t a paid pinic either. Employees brought their foods to share and paid $6 for parking. Despite all that politics, we all mingled under a big gazebo our only shelter from the rain. Only a few of us were brave enough to play horse shoe in the rain. Horse shoe is already dirty when it’s not raining, imaging playing that in the rain. It also changes the way you throw because the ground/sand is much softer. With no surprise, it was the first timer who got the ringer.

ringer-1 ringer-2


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