Going to b-school?

Some of you I know are thinking of b-school so I thought I pass these links around. As for me I wouldn’t go to school if I had to pay for it. I decided to stay technical and learn how to do business by actually doing it. Real life experience is much more useful in my opinions. I like to work for smaller company or myself preferably. Speaking of higher education and switching career, the owner of the Island Divers in Oahu, whom I’ve dove with, had a PhD in microbiology, but didn’t take him long to switch to become a diver. Two of my coworkers stayed on their technical path with their MBA. Here are links to the articles: (1) B-school Confidential: MBAs May Be Obsolete (2) Five situations when you shouldn’t go to graduate school. I didn’t find these articles any different than conversations I’ve had with some of you but sometimes it helps to have a second source for your research…make the right choice.


One thought on “Going to b-school?

  1. Harrison says:

    It is a tough decision. Recently, Business Week also has been breaking down the payback period for business schools, and the numbers are not compelling. I am thinking that it may be worthwhile to look at European B-Schools, at the very least, you get a fun two year international excursion out of spending a wad.

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