American health care

If the cost of housing is not enough to keep you up at night, guess what, your health care insurance is not any better. The exact dollars amount for my luxurious ride to the ER in a bed next to two angry men who wouldn’t stop whining and moaning and cursing about their pains is $20,945.33. That’s about 50% of my friend’s bill for his new born. I was there for only a few hours, 4 to be accurate, and during those 4 hours, 10 x-rays were taken, given some oxygen, IV and a warm blanket. Not even a drop of water was offered to me; I had to get up and drank out of the fountain. I can definitely get a brand new car with this money or a lot of diving trips.

ER bill

This is not some recent issues. Thirteen years ago Clinton’s healthcare reform looked pretty darn good at the beginning yet the effort ran aground. We allocate most of our effort on getting rich and terrorism. In 2006, health insurance increased by 7.7%, two time the inflation rate. The annual coverage for an individual averaged about $4,200. According to the NCHC, health care spending is expected to go up to $4 trillion (20%) in 2015 from $2 trillion (6.9%) in 2005 of gross domestic product (GPD).


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