2 guys shopped at Babies “R” Us,

The whole shopping experience at Babies “R” Us for a friend of mine baby shower made me realize why some women don’t like to have kid. The registry list is just as long as the wedding registry. There are roughly 100 plus items that new born needs and they are not cheap. As a gift giver, good luck if you buy apparels because it’s really hard to find these tiny clothes. Unlike shopping for wedding, there are only 1 or 2 brands of coffee machines out there, but new born stuffs, man there are 10 different brands and they all look alike. I already have a hard time shopping for my own clothes and a food, shopping for baby is just not fun. In addition, Babies “R” Us is a horrible store, their service sucks big time. It took them a very long time to check for availability at other stores. In our case, we’ve waited for at least half an hour for the other store to call back but nothing happened. Can I stick to the traditional Asian’s red envelop style?


4 thoughts on “2 guys shopped at Babies “R” Us,

  1. Harrison says:

    Totally agree with you here. Why are there 10 different types of baby wipes? 20 different types of baby bottles with variations on nipple sizes and flow capacity.

    I love how Babies “R” us seems to punish its paying customers by making them all wait 15 minutes+ for the one and only checkout line.

    When I finally checked out, the lady at the cash register said to me, “Sorry for the wait.” I told her that I was sorry for the rest of the people (maybe 6 other customers) waiting to check out behind me.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I have loved Babies R Us. Always had great help in locating things at other stores that may not be available in the one I’m shopping at. I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait very long in the checkout lines and the cashiers have always been very pleasant! I’m glad there are different brands and styles, shows they have a variety of products to offer you.

  3. PT says:

    Very funny… I shop at BabiesRUs white often… and if you are confused about the options, it is understandable. My husband used to have the same opinions like yours, but things have changed since we have our own daughter…

    Stick to the “tradition” red envelope may be a good idea, since people who shop at BabiesRUs like me often use coupons or promotions to get discount :o) — but on-line shopping with a register name is not a bad choice, as it also offer free shipping if you shop more than $100 for example…

    Next time, if you have questions about babies stuff, contact me, and I’ll give you some choices! :o)

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